You are guaranteed to find, the best Enduro Tracks on the planet in Greek Mountains!

I have traveled all all over the world with my motorcycles for participating in various Enduro championships, and I’m impressed about the tracks around Drama and Kavala 🙂 It had a little bit of everything I have tried on one location. It was like in the desert, it had forest, water, cliffs, yes like everything. – And I only got to see a fraction of the tracks this time. I am guaranteed to come back to try more of the tracks another time. – And then I must bring some friends with some more motorcycles, or rent some 🙂 ”
– “E.M – October, 2015


We avoid to ride in the virgin forest of Elatia but we pass through amazing and demanding trails in the surrounding areas. Drama mountains is our guides Andreas favourite enduro destination, so we claim that we know the area very well. Its history, combined with its location, makes this place unique for an amazing and extreme enduro adventure. Old villages that made it through the modern years betray a tradition that you will not experience as a tourist any where in Greece. How about a cup of greek coffee in Prasinada village?


We ride in the North of the city where the mountainous area begins while the south is surrounded by the aegean sea. Highest mountain top is Paggaio mountain with its height reaching 1,956 m and Lekani mountain which reaches 1,298 m. Rides pass through legendary enduro places like the “Tsal tag” (the thieves mountain in Turkish), King Alexanders the great gold mines, the “Via Egnatia” ancient passage and many more. When you ride in Kavala city, you ride through history and tradition.


We usually reach the mountains of Xanthi prefecture when we ride in multiple day events. 70% of the prefecture is covered by the mountains of Rhodopi. We reach the villages of Stavroupoli, Kariofito and Ehinos having a long and wonderful ride through dirt roads and trails with great historical significancy for the area. The mountainous area of Xanthi is among the most beautiful areas in Greece.

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